Launa Spendlove, President

Instant Jungle Landscape

We have been using Natina for almost 10 years. They have an extraordinary team supporting us with any questions, orders and logistics. The Natina Rock Solution is environmentally-safe, long-lasting and works great on naturalizing and blending the color into its surroundings. The earthy browns created with Natina help us and our clients' projects look beautiful. We look forward to continuing our exceptional relationship with Natina!

Rusty Lewellen, COO

High Desert Communications

We have used Natina Steel Solutions on several of our cell tower sites to help blend them into the surrounding terrain. We are very impressed with the rustic, natural color. Our clients really appreciate the impact Natina has on the project aesthetics. Natina is a great company to work with, has always met all construction deadlines and is very prompt in getting back to us.

Bill Munson, Senior Vice President

DCC Desert Development, Inc.

We experimented with Natina and found it to be the perfect solution for our rock staining needs. The price is right and and we use it extensively for rock staining, landscaping and re-naturalization of areas scarred by grading.

Gregg Thompson

Palm Springs Modern Homes VI, LLC

After we had used the native boulders for our retaining walls and landscaping along the street frontage, we knew the raw granite look was harsh. It did not help our desire to mold our project into the surrounding mountains. After the application of Natina Rock Solution, the project looked much softer and natural blending. We have received many compliments and comments on how good our project looks now.

John Eric Holloway, ASLA, LEED Green Associate, LCI Senior Associate


I am a landscape architect and used more than a thousand split-face concrete retaining wall blocks to build terraced planting beds. To reduce the walls’ visual impact, I was going to use integral colored concrete block, but the samples looked too uniform, like they had been painted. On top of that, the available colors contrasted with the local soil and rock on the slope below the walls. I had used Natina successfully on flatwork in previous projects, so I experimented with it on sample blocks. I discovered that it changed the plain, gray concrete to a warm, brown finish with subtle textural variations due to the split-face surface variations. This was exactly the look I was after. The walls blended very well with the native landscape and soil color. The color has held up well and I am very happy with the results.

Thomas R. Beaty, President

Beaty Pacific Development

We have been looking for a better product than what had been available previously. Then we found Natina and used it on our projects. It is a superior color that is the perfect solution for our landscape designs. Natina provides the natural colors that we have been trying to achieve on concrete surfaces, gray granite boulders and other stone features that we utilize in our developments. We look forward to a long relationship with Natina.

Jay Ervine, Director of Golf Grounds

The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club, Dove Mountain

I first used Natina on some small areas to determine if Natina really worked as well as other options out there. Not only did Natina work just as well but it was more affordable than the alternatives. Natina was applied to our boulders around an irrigation lake on the golf course. Natina Rock Solution worked great! We will be using Natina for future jobs we have within our development.

Chris J. Chapman, LEED AP, Regional Manager

Gothic Landscape

Developers, builders and municipalities continue to be impressed with Natina and workmanship. That cultural commitment by your organization makes us both successful. Gothic Landscape has been delivering projects in Southern Nevada since the late 80's. I have been part of the organization since 1995. I would not hesitate to recommend Natina to anyone and do appreciate your continued partnership and spirit for years ahead. On a side note, and not without notice, we thank you for your outstanding customer care over the years. Natina continues to deliver superb professionalism and proves to go above expectations for our clientele. We do not send out letters of commendation often, but when we do so, we stand behind it. Thank you for continued service and delivery.