Lion’s Park, Utah – Gabion Baskets

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La Sal Mountain Loop, Utah – MSE Walls
May 31, 2018
Rock Staining Projects in UT
Paseo de Iglesias, AZ – Gabions
May 31, 2018

Grand Country in Utah has a reputation for its beautiful scenery. They take extra steps to blend and minimize the visual impact of construction projects. For this project in Lion's Park (Moab), Horrocks Engineers specified Natina to create a rich, earthly brown finish on the rock and gabion barrier system. Unlike painting or powder coating, the natural color created is from Natina's natural reaction with the minerals found in the rock and steel. This process requires little to no maintenance and is long-lasting. Grand County’s smart planning and attention to detail is appreciated by all park visitors. All our solutions are natural, environmentally safe and non-toxic.