Meet Anivey Casanada

Blair Yeager Natina Sales Specialist

Anivey Casanada Sales Support Representative

Natina Anniversary:
October 2018

Background: Having prior sales experience, I realized my true passion stood more on the operational side of the business. I was excited for the opportunity with Natina to support the sales team and utilize my strengths. I love that Natina solutions are environmentally friendly and make a great impact on projects. What I love most is the amazing and talented group of people I get to work with every day!

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Favorite Food: I love all food! Pizza rolls, Korean BBQ, Mexican food, Pho, Pad Thai. Pretty much anything edible (except for pineapples on pizza, yuck!)

Hobbies: Anything involving Disney, dancing, reading, drawing, watching football and baseball, playing video games, working out, singing really loud (and bad) in the car, smothering my dog, acting silly with my family, beating my boyfriend at pool, trying new food places and overcoming challenges.