Brian Hardin Natina Products President

Brian Hardin Owner and President

Natina Anniversary:
February 2008

Photo of Anivey Casanada

Anivey Casanada Sales Support Representative

Natina Anniversary:
October 2018

Blair Yeager Natina Sales Specialist

Blair Yeager Sales Specialist

Natina Anniversary:
April 2018

Photo of Connor Cormils Research and Development Specialist

Connor Cornils Research and Development (R&D) Specialist

Natina Anniversary:
July 2018

Photo of Natina's Jennifer Huether

Jennifer "Jenny" Huether Business Manager

Natina Anniversary:
July 2012

Photo of Natina's Kim Rangel

Kim Rangel Administrative Assistant

Natina Anniversary:
February 2018

Krista Robles Natina Marketing Director Photo

Krista Robles Director of Marketing

Natina Anniversary:
November 2017

Operations Manager Mike Blair

Michael "Mike" Blair Operations Manager

Natina Anniversary:
April 2016

Natina VP Ryan Morey

Ryan Morey Vice President of Business Development

Natina Anniversary:
October 2008

Photo of Tandy Chaparro General Manager

Tandy Chaparro General Manager

Natina Anniversary:
September 2015