1What is Natina?
Natina Solution is an environmentally-safe and long-lasting color solution for rock, concrete and galvanized steel. Natina naturally reacts with the minerals found in each of these materialsl which creates a maintenance-free earthy, brown finish. Application is completed to your commercial construction project by our professionally trained team.
2How long with Natina last?
Natina will last for years without fading, cracking or peeling due to the sun. We recommend the product not be used in areas susceptible to extreme abrasion.
3What are the brown colors Natina creates on rock and concrete?
Natina Rock and Concrete Solution creates an array of earthy brown hues that can range from tan to mahogany based on the formula amount. Our rock and concrete finish is long-lasting, affordable and low to no maintenance.
4What color does Natina create on galvanized metal or steel?
Natina Steel Solution creates a varied and deep brown finish on galvanized steel. This color is mostly dark brown with medium brown hues throughout. Our steel finish is long-lasting, affordable and low to no maintenance.
5What is the pH level of Natina?
Depending on dilution rates, our pH levels are in the range of 4 – 5. Natina Steel Solution can have a lower pH but our solutions contain only soft organic acids that will not change existing soil pH levels. Natina’s pH levels are safe and non-toxic.
6How does Natina differ from a paint, pigment or stain?
Natina does not contain any harsh or toxic resins or carriers found in paints, pigments or stains. Natina is naturally occurring and primarily water based. Our reactive color treatment contains carefully selected trace elements that are commonly found in nature. These elements, when combined Natina and heat and sunlight, cause a natural reaction in rock, concrete and steel to create an earthy, brown finish. Natina will last for decades without fading from the sun and does not require reapplication like a paint, stain or traditional pigment-based colorant.
7What surface can Natina be used on?
Natina is primarily used on rock, concrete and galvanized metal or steel.
8How is Natina applied?
Natina is for professional use only and is applied by our team to ensure proper color and results are achieved.
9Is Natina safe?
Absolutely. Natina is a natural product and has been through rigorous environmental testing. Natina is safe to handle. We recommend using rubber gloves and wearing eye protection when mixing or handling because it can discolor skin and clothing.
10Is Natina safe to use around plants, water and surrounding wildlife?
Yes. Natina is completely safe to use around plants and wildlife. It can actually improve soil nutrient value which benefits surrounding plants, wildlife and aquatic plants.
11What size does the job need to be for Natina to complete the work?
It depends on the project, scope and location. We are happy to help answer questions or quote your commercial project. Please call us at 877-762-8462 or email us at sales@natinaproducts.com.
12How can I get a quote for Natina?
For any commercial construction projects, please call us at 877-762-8462 or email us at sales@natinaproducts.com. At this time, professional application is only commercial companies and we do not service individual homeowners.